Bernadette Fegan started her career in Early Childhood Education and Development 30 years ago working and gaining experience all over the world in Japan, United Kingdom, Malta, Dubai and Bahrain. Within a relatively short time, Bernadette was recognised for and called upon to share her practical, endearing and inspiring methods in the classroom and approach to early childhood education.

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Bernadette’s early forays into the field fuelled her passion for effecting change and raising awareness of every child’s right to a nurturing environment.  Having immigrated to Canada in 2000 with her husband and four children she dedicated herself to these objectives. Most notably, Bernadette designed and implemented the first Junior Primary programme for four year olds in Nova Scotia focusing on nurturing and developing those skills children most need to assist them in their transition to the more teacher-directed learning environment found in the formal school setting.  

Bernadette has earned a Master of Arts in Child and Youth Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University where she published her thesis “Parents, Early Childhood Educators and Grade Primary Teachers Perspectives on School Readiness”. Recently, Bernadette completed the Early Childhood Administrators certificate and qualified as an instructor in the award winning Roots of Empathy programme 

Bernadette offers her services to the early childhood community through M.I.N.D Early Childhood Development Consultancy committed to making improvements in the early childhood development and education programming in Canada. To keep the demands of a hectic life in balance, she retreats to the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia where she lives with her husband, Michael.