A huge loss to the ECD & E field in Canada

I was greatly saddened a few weeks ago when I received an email informing me of the sudden death of Clyde Hertzman. Dr Hertzman dedicated his lifework to early childhood development and education in Canada. As one of the top twenty four developed countries, Canada sadly has the reputation of having the poorest record when it comes to early childhood education and care. It is bewildering when we are robbed of such an advocate as Clyde Hertzman and his loss creates a huge vacuum. The tribute to Clyde by Generation Squeeze should inspire us to continue the work of Clyde Hertzman by doing what we can to Make Improvements in Nurturing Development!

Raising Awareness

In the Fall of 2012 Canada came before the UN Committee for The Convention on The Rights of The Child and the following recommendations were made with regards to early childhood development and education: Today, 24 Jan 2013 1-4pmEST , To follow what Canada will do next click here

But first read the recommendations!

Extracted from UN Committee for the Conventionon the Rights of the Child

Sixty first Session held in Geneva, Switzerland

17 September - 5 October 2012

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under Article 44 of the Convention

Concluding observations: Canada

Early childhood education and care

71. The Committee is concerned that despite the State party’s significant resources, there has been a lack of funding directed towards the improvement of early childhood development and affordable and accessible early childhood care and services.

The Committee is also concerned by the high cost of child-care, the lack of available places for children, the absence of uniform training requirements for all child-care staff and of standards of quality care. The Committee notes that early childhood care and education continues to be inadequate for children under four years of age.

 Furthermore, the Committee is concerned that the majority of early childhood care and education services in the State party are provided by private, profit-driven institutions, resulting in such services being unaffordable for most families.

72. Referring to General Comment No. 7 (CRC/C/GC/7/Rev.1, 2005), the Committee recommends that the State party further improve the quality and coverage of its early childhood care and education, including by:

(a) Prioritizing the provision of such care to children between the age of 0 and 3 years, with a view to ensuring that it is provided in a holistic manner that includes overall child development and the strengthening of parental capacity;

(b) Increasing the availability of early childhood care and education for all children, by considering providing free or affordable early childhood care whether through State-run or private facilities;

(c) Establishing minimum requirements for training of child care workers and for improvement of their working conditions; and

(d) Conducting a study to provide an equity impact analysis of current expenditures on early childhood policies and programs, including all child benefits and transfers, with a focus on children with higher vulnerability in the early years.